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But if your a non-drinker shouldn't be a problem ... It was a bit of a shock at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I admired his desire to want to better himself, and not be stuck in a really bad downward spiral. The AA program and the 12 steps are a way of life that we could all benefit from. and he knows he can have a social drink and it wont put him back to where he was before.... I want him to be able to go out, and if he feels like it, have a drink, just one, and be ok with that. he did this for himself 6months before i started seeing him again.... it will give you a little more insight into if he is serious about kicking this habit... The one thing that ALL alcoholics have in common is once they put alcohol into their system, there is no guarentee what will happen.

I admire anyone who has the will power to beat an addiction! I was on my way there as well, and just decided myself that I should cut back. I myself, walked into the rooms of AA after a DUI 3 yrs ago, and I have not found a need to take a drink ever since. and another time catching up with old mates when he was down for his sisters wedding.... I was in shock when he did tell me all the things he did do in those 2 years... But, for right now, by the sounds of it, he needs to do this, and just concentrate on not drinking. all you can do is let him know you are supportive of him... and all i can do is keep supporting him in what he wants for himself.... and that is what he is working his a rse off for... and will make you want to support him more for doing it.... It does not mean you have to: drink by yourself, get drunk each time you drink, get DUI's, loose jobs, loose family, etc..................

“You need to find someone who understands trials and tribulations of someone in recovery.

Both Kole and Williams were inspired to start sober dating websites from their own recovery experiences.

Are you looking for a sober dating experience,a new love interest, new friends and/or romance?

Sober & Single is an internet website for sober singles looking for love, dating and romance; people whose common bond is their desire to date others who wish to be in an alcohol-free relationship.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. So, I have met someone from this site, and we have really hit it off. I would strongly suggest anyone who is serious with a person who is an alcoholic/recovering alcoholic or (whatever they refer to themselves as!! to attend some open AA meetings with their partner.

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