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…..perhaps so we could share with you all that paradise here on earth is very much possible if we all act responsibly and do our role in preserving and beatifying the world!

So remember, when in Manila, experience a slice of paradise…

Aside from the animatronic dinosaurs, they also have a Fossils Museum where you’ll find dinosaur skeletons and other types of exhibits to give you a preview of life in the Mesozoic Era. Managed by a non-profit organization to help provide jobs for individuals affected by the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991, Paradise Ranch has become both a tourist attraction in Pampanga and a self-sustaining facility in just 6 years.

Head up to the Little Baguio section of the ranch and be reminded of the famous Mines View Park all while enjoying the fresh air and the lush green picturesque view that overlooks the plains and nestled hills of Tarlac, Arayat, Clark and Angeles.

Right across K Cafe at Nepo Quad is Bif’s Smoke and Grill, a restaurant that proves bigger is definitely better!

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