Dating pepper salt

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You can serve this as an appetizer with bread (great for soaking up the sauce) or over pasta.

Salt&Pepper’s NOMAD collection features organic forms with unique characteristics.

The summer after our honeymoon, we visited Chris’s restaurant for dinner and enjoyed the absolute best shrimp scampi we’ve ever had in our lives – which inspired our recipe today.

There’s a secret ingredient added to this recipe that adds so such incredible flavor – you’ll want to lick your plate clean!

Many years ago, when my husband Jack and I traveled to Tuscany for our honeymoon, we struck up a friendship with one of the American chefs – a great guy named Chris Covelli – who helped teach some of the cooking classes at Toscana Saporita.

I thought that was cool anyway back to my question.

Now that it has grown in alot its well er kinda half and half my color and grey.

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