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That's because, according to the group's blog post, the sites "all used some variation of MD5 with or without unique salts", an algorithm that is considered insecure by today's standards.Reuters just broke a story about a password breach said to affect more than 250 million webmail accounts around the world.

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An analysis of the breached data showed that hackers took 12.8 million accounts from ru; a total of 8.9 million records from ru, and 3.2 million accounts from ru.

The hackers were able to obtain usernames, email addresses, scrambled passwords, and birthdays.

ME application so developers can utilise the crowdsourced maps in their apps. The service is a mapping app built on data from Open Street Map (OSM), the non-profit focused on developing and making available mapping and navigation data for online and offline use.

The announcement was made at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in San Francisco. The app has been installed 25 million times since the acquisition, according to, with humanitarian groups and activists among its user base, who often use the crowdsourcing maps in rural areas, disaster zones, or regions struck by political tensions where internet access is lacking or other mapping services do not cover.

A new report has found that Russia's criminal underworld is trading hundreds of millions of stolen usernames and passwords belonging to these accounts After being informed of the potential breach of emailcredentials, spokeswoman Madina Tayupova told Reuters:'We are now checking, whether any combinations ofusernames/passwords match users' e-mails and are still active.

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