Dating more than one girl at a time exclusive on line dating

by  |  16-Aug-2019 13:00

It all comes down to whether the two people in the relationship are into each other or not.

I am absolutely looking for a girlfriend and don't like dating multiple people.

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But I have been hurt a few times by falling for someone too fast, and as a result I make it a priority to have a constant stream of girls that I'm dating, or am at least interested in.

There are two main reasons:1) If I am really into one of them, it keeps my mind off them (to some extent).

This is the unwritten rule of dating in the modern age.

In light of all this, I asked psychologist Irene Levine, clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University Langone School of Medicine, to demystify the allure of dating multiple people simultaneously, once and for all.

I’ve also noticed that she’s happiest when she’s dating a couple of people at once.

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