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According to ISDA, the data from the survey shows that the documentation and operational challenges that are necessary to comply with the variation margin requirements by 1 March 2017 are high, despite concerted and continuing efforts by market participants.

Among other things, headway made with the execution of variation margin credit support annexes as required to comply with the regulations is currently limited.

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Also eligible for active membership are Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) of companies engaged in supplying a full range of consultative security services whose business revenues meet or exceed one hundred million dollars per annum.

Member must be a recipient of a Baccalaureate Degree or its international equivalent from an accredited institution of higher learning or must have a minimum of six (6) years experience in a policy making role in the security profession in private industry.

Active membership includes Security Practitioners and Suppliers of Security Services.

Security Practitioners are eligible for active membership only if they are the senior security executive whose primary responsibility is the development and formation of policies and controls of an organization with assets and/or sales exceeding one billion dollars per annum.

This is a set of laws that aim to make sure that parents look after their children whenever they can do so.

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