black international dating - Dating indigo people

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Do you find yourself standing in front of the open refrigerator looking for something that “Looks Good” but nothing seems to “hit the spot” when you eat it?

These are symptoms that many, many First Wave Indigos (FW) are having and it seems to have been amped up lately.

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It usually starts with an excited email or text stating they have found their Soulmate! First, let’s get clear on exactly what a Soulmate is.

My condolences are usually met with confusion, but, when the whole thing becomes a disaster, they turn to me for an explanation. If you dissect the word you get Soul (the spiritual being that is the eternal you) and Mate.

A typical feature of both generations, Alpha and Beta, is that they look much younger than they actually are.

It is the third generation of children indigo, born from 1978 to 1988.

The first generation, which was called Alpha, includes children born in the period from 1958 to 1968.

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