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As my confidence increased I started to get more numbers and eventually more success.

As an accounting student I understand that during investment decisions, the reward must be greater than or equal to, the initial risk.

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I feel like if you want me to risk my life crossing a busy street because I’m trying to reach you before you turn the corner and I lose track of you : You’ve got to be a certified bad bitch .

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I’m not just a keyboard analyst reciting things I heard or read here and there , the following views are a direct result of me reading Roosh/Heartiste going into the street , developing my own gaming style and putting in the work ( Dope addicts are forever chasing the intense euphoric pleasure they experienced during that first high, surprisingly I found my first experience with a high quality chick to be extremely similar.

Put me in the vibrant, bustling metropolis that is London and I drop down to 5. I’m done with them; they’re no longer of any use to me.

So when ı went to Egypt the first day she insisted we would go out first day despite I told her it would be rude to my family from the first day I meet a girl instead of having dinner with them and she wouldn't care and insisted would rest and get ready and meet me.

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