dating 1965 s - Dating coach in miami

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Today, attitudes about relationships are turned upside down — with texting and online dating, unemployment and female independence, the dynamics are evolving.

For the first time in history, the marriage rate has dropped below 50 percent.

Let Maya help you have a happy, fulfilled and Rewarding Relationship in your life. It's time for you to have your Rewarding Relationship.

Men & Women are completely different when it comes to dating, romance & marriage.

Romantic Relationships are an entirely different world than Friendships, Business & Casual Relationships.

I watched how my sister would treat the men she dated and all the different kinds of reactions they would have.

I’d also watch how she would respond to them, the things they did to make her happy even if they lied to her.

It took me years and years of hard work to get where I got because I didn’t have a dating coach there to guide me.

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