Dating buterflys

by  |  18-Nov-2019 20:48

“I was on the way back from a skiing holiday last year when I struck up a conversation with a man who’d been on holiday with his son,” she says.

“In a random act of confidence I gave him my number. So I wasn’t surprised when I started to feel giddy and queasy and couldn’t really eat much.

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He rang me that night.” They started going out for meals, he met her friends and they attended a wedding together. I just thought I must be in love.” Even when Letitia started to feel bloated and her stomach swelled she wasn’t concerned.

“If I put on weight it tends to be on my tummy,” she says.

The 45-year-old primary school teacher had just started dating again after eight years of being single.

In fact her symptoms turned out to be advanced ovarian cancer.

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