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by  |  21-Dec-2019 01:52

I had to wait until I mastered this topic - you know became a professional at it…As a foreigner, the first thing you’re told about Sweden and the subject of dating is “Women are self-sufficient – pay for that (whole) meal.” And while one must be prudent and thoughtful about one’s view of women in Sweden, certainly in the dating realm, I have found that Swedish women are like women everywhere.Although yes indeed self-sufficient, they certainly appreciate a thoughtful and, dare I say, penchant for long-term relationships with everything but the formal, legalized marriage.

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They have terrific personalities, million-dollar smiles, and are more in shape than 99.99% of everyone else.

Let’s save ourselves a lot of time here and just agree that Swedish women are incredibly attractive.

So what do Swedish men when they find someone that sparks their interest if they don’t ask them out?

Well, same as us Swedish women do: get very very drunk and go to their place or our place for the night.

I know multiple couples who have been together for years, same house, same budget, two kids, everything looks like a marriage, but then and only then, will they decide to actually and officially tie the knot.

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