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For example, Dear me, I forgot to mail it, or Oh dear, what a bad time you've been having.These usages may originally have invoked God, as in dear God Also, for one's life. For example, When the boat capsized, I hung on for dear life, or With the dogs chasing them they ran for their lives, or She wanted that vase but I saw it first and hung on to it for dear life.

I tried to provide enough context for this in my examples.

Secondly, you, the teacher, will be there to define the expression if need be.

This rhyming expression has been used ironically since the late 1500s, as well as by Shakespeare in 1 Henry IV (3:2): "Why, Harry, do I tell thee of my foes, which art my nearest and dearest enemy?

" , 2002, feature an innocent-looking young fawn nestled in a sylvan field of daisies--the deer image lifted directly from the film-within-a-film of Soylent Green's beautiful and antiseptic planned-death clinic called Home.

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