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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California couples thinking about ending their marriage got guidance Monday from the state Supreme Court: They must live in different homes to qualify as legally separated and keep some of their income from their spouse during any divorce proceedings.

The court’s unanimous ruling clarified what it means for a couple to separate.

For many couples, the date of separation may not be that easy to determine, and often, each spouse has their own idea of the actual date. If the date of separation is unclear or the parties disagree, the court will examine the intent of the parties.

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I’ve been amazed at how many constituents have contacted me on this subject and am pleased that Governor Brown agrees that this supportive change is necessary," added Moorlach.

SB1255 received widespread support from organizations including: Family Law Section of the California State Bar (FLEXCOM), Family Law Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA), and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Southern California Chapter.

“The 2015 ruling makes divorce proceedings even more trying on families than it already is,” said Senator Moorlach.

“It means a divorcing couple cannot live in the same house to reduce costs or co-parent their children during divorce proceedings if they want to keep their finances separate." With the signing of SB 1255, date of separation is defined as the date that a complete and final break in the marital relationship has occurred, as evidenced by the spouse’s expression of his or her intent to end the marriage and conduct that is consistent with that intent.

To determine the date of separation is to determine when exactly the marriage ended.

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