Dating a guy smaller than you

by  |  22-Sep-2019 04:34

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The ultimate example of a pairing in which the woman is taller is married couple Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum.

So I'm 5'4" I'm about 3 inches shorter than my fiance.

Cuddling with a short guy is a lot more comfortable and when it comes to trying out different sex positions, it will be a lot more pleasurable. If you’re also short, both of you will have more in common There’s absolutely no doubt that being short has health advantages, however, that doesn’t mean short people don’t face their own set of challenges on a daily basis.

When you’re dating a short guy, he will be a lot more sympathetic and understanding about your short people problems. He is less awkward and more confident The reason why tall people get so much attention is not because they’re necessarily hot but mainly because of how awkward and gangly they can look.

Sometimes when i stand next to her I feel really really short, but I feel protected with her usually unless she's mad, than I get scared lol....

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