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Lured by the prospect of power in coalition with the Tories, they swiftly agreed to triple them.

Eve successfully manipulated Edna into believing Marc had been a bad influence, whereas in fact the reverse was true.

Edna refused to believe stories about Eve's bad behaviour, until her good friend Betty Eagleton (Paula Tilbrook) spotted Eve cruelly kicking Edna's beloved dog Batley.

Alan Jonathan Turner is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, played by Richard Thorp. Thorp died on and his last scenes that Thorp filmed were aired on 4 June 2013 in a special hour-long episode dedicated to him.

In 2010 Thorp commented on his duration saying "I ought to have regrets about staying, but I'm the laziest human being alive so I don't".

Actually, whereas the plausible, baby-faced Nick Clegg once persuaded some of us that he was a straight enough fellow, the more abrasive Farron instantly grated — at any rate with me — because of his aggressive, rat-tat-tat way of speaking.

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