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Erin looks relatively tall, so a long maxi shape is a particularly good look for her, and this option gets double thumbs up for its waist-tie detail which cinches her in.

We're not used to seeing a lovely maxi dress teamed with a rucksack, and we're not sure we like those heavy straps with it (in fact, no, we definitely don't), but still, the oil painting-like print makes up for it. there's LOADS of floal print dresses out now, ready to fill your summer wardrobes.

Lavender represents love, happiness and peace; sage represents a long life, wisdom and longevity; thyme represents health and courage.

The cake is covered with fondant, creating a canvas for Chef Daniel to artistically design the a couple's perfect garden on each tier.

Cook began auditioning for acting work at the age of 14.

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