Crigslist dating personals

by  |  15-Oct-2019 01:42

Here's my original post on Craigslist in 2005 asking people to test this little project I was working on:

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Users looking to buy a used couch might prefer one that could be carried home on foot, and sellers would prefer to deliver a couch if they didn’t have to carry or drive it very far.

Thus, the more local users perused work opportunities, the more local employers would be likely to find an employee (and thus, the more they would be inclined to post on Craigslist); the more sellers used Craigslist to post merchandise, the more buyers would browse the site looking to buy.

Housing Maps was the very first Google Maps mashup, created before there was a Google Maps API.

It overlaid Craigslist apartment and housing listings on a map, for some 30 US cities plus London.

From its earliest days, Craigslist benefited from hyper-local network effects to create value for its users.

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