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Second Stage: Tactful Dating That is the second stage of Filipino courtship whereby the courting couple would go out together without the company of their friends. Filipino women do not like the courtship process to be fast.

Filipino girls are expected to play hard to get because their culture deemed it as an appropriate behavior when they are being courted.

Although companionship has already been imminent in the dating scene in the Philippines, mostly of the Filipino women still want to undergo the courtship stage where the guy will prove to her that his love is sincere and he’s worth it.

The right to call her your girlfriend is earned when she said yes, in the Filipino culture it goes by the phrase “matamis na oo” which can be translated as the Filipino women saying yes sweetly to the guy as a way of accepting his love.

Once some interest is established, the next stop would be the asking of the Phone number.

Courtship and dating philippines

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