Consolidating clinical services lc dating kyle

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of America, has built two successful independent laboratory enterprises and sold off part of one and all of the second. Lui and partner Richard Ellis, MD, started an independent laboratory across the street from the hospital to which they provided pathology services.

Among other things, when competition and economic conditions tighten, larger entities have a much easier time shrugging them off, and can be ready to offer a solution for smaller labs that are struggling.

Alfred Lui, MD, a co-founder of Pathology Inc., recently bought by Laboratory Corp.

Health care provider system consolidation includes the transfer of assets through traditional mergers and acquisitions, as well as other arrangements, such as joint ventures, affiliations, collaborations, and management agreements.

Vertical consolidation of hospitals with physician practices, and other related services, is desired to manage patient care across the continuum of health care environments (eg, ambulatory, acute, postacute, and long-term care).

Access to the capital that comes with consolidation is needed to invest in the technology, infrastructure, and innovative delivery systems required to be competitive in a value-based care paradigm.

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