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published an article examining how President Donald Trump's executive order on the ACA, signed Jan. 9, 2017; the rule for the cardiac incentive payment model is set to launch in 98 markets on July 1, 2017. The CMS bundled payments and Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act have received bipartisan support in Congress in the past. Michael Greller elected to chief of staff position at Centra State Medical Center: 5 points Orthopedic procedures see up to 43% direct cost savings in ASC setting How are TJR patients in US & Switzerland different?

The agency created a new bundled payment program for cardiac care and expanded the bundle for hip and knee replacements in December 2016, however that change could be postponed or not take affect as a result of the executive order, according to a Congressional Research Services memo. CRS asked the agencies to postpone for 60 days any new regulations that have been published on the Federal Register but not implemented, which would include the bundled payment updates. CMS has a planned webinar to explain the new rule on Feb.

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If a physician uses a separate incision for a graft during tympanoplasty, the coder should bill for the tympanoplasty (CPT 69631) code and for the corresponding graft code, such as a tissue graft (CPT 20926) or a cartilage graft (CPT 21235). Miscoding frenulum incisions as excisions, excisions as incision.

Another common mistake in ENT coding is confusing frenotomy (CPT 41010), which is the incision of the frenulum, with a frenectomy (CPT 41115), which is the excision of the frenulum. Edmiston warns that sometimes physicians will mislabel the procedure on their procedure heading, so it is important to read the operative note careful to ensure accurate coding.

He is a critic of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation laboratory that produced the bundled payments programs and signed a letter insisting the agency cease "all current and future planned mandatory initiatives within the CMMI." 4.

Tom Price, MD, R-Ga., remains in the confirmation hearing process.

Large group plans (both self-funded and fully insured), and small group ASO plans, are not subject to the requirement to offer coverage for EHBs.

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