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VOLUME I INDEX Keynote Presenters Page Sustainable Development: The 1 Technological Challenge; Noel J. Zeng, Glarkson University, Potsdam, New York, USA A6 Evaluating the Comprehensive 80 Model ADOM; C. Although there appears to be an emerging scientific consensu* that an enhanced greenhouse effect is real, many uncertainties remain with regard to the magnitude, timing and regional effects, Canadians a* yet do not fully understand the Implications of this issue on public policy development nor the economic consequences of potential policy measures to address it.

Brown, Director, United Nations Environment Programme Responses to Global Climate 2 Change: The Coming Environmental and Economic Revolutions; Jim Bruce, Chair, Canadian Climate Program Board Feature Presenters Air Quality Research A1 What's the Latest on Acidic 5 Deposition in North America? Sisterson, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, USA A10 Measurement of Semi-Volatile 7 Organic Compounds in Ambient Air; G. The energy industry is vitally concerned about promoting sound public policy In this area, and Imperial Oil has been active in providing * pe-trpective on th* issue In th* cant*** m§- domestic and international energy use. Racette (Ontario Ministry ot the Environment) Background The Phytotoxicology Section of the Air Resources Branch, Ontario Ministry of (he Environment (MOE), in concert with the associates from the Northeast and Northwest Regions, recognized in 1 971 a need to establish contaminant concentration guidelines for interpretation of environmental data.

Dear Sirs: The last line of the games column in the December issue prompted me to write. 75 All prices are subject to change Gee Bee Air Raty Global Commander 27.

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I know “proper” programmers write in C, hut BASIC (especially when structured) has its uses. 75 S H S3,95 30$ Minimum Order NO Credit Card Fee !

C, especially on the Amiga, is fiendishly hard to learn (I am trying! BASIC is good for trying out a general idea for a program without investing too much effort; and for some programs, BASIC is perfectly adequate anyway.

And that’s not to mention the IBM programs 1 can run concurrently via the Bridgeboard. By Amiga standards, it would he a good public-domain or shareware offering, but lags far behind even average Amiga en ter tain men t st)ft ware.

James David Walley Bit Player Software Everett, WA BASIC Flag-waving WHY DOESN’T Commodore pay sufficient attention to BASIC?

The management of GPRS mobility in the network ensures the continuity of packet services when a given subscriber moves from one GPRS LA to another.

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