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Globally, that estimate may range into the hundreds of billions of dollars annually.In general, cybercrime – as opposed to cyber-espionage, which is directed against governments, or hacktivism, which is directed against either governments or corporations but carried out for political and social reasons rather than financial gain – can be broken down into two categories: crimes against businesses and crimes against individuals.In the Celebrity Apprentice episode, John Rich says that he plans to purchase On Star FMV for his grandma.

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The product comes in a box that includes a rear view mirrow with the familiar On Star buttons and all the necessary hardware to hook it up to any vehicle.

The "On Star in a box" version of the product is actually called FMV (For My Vehicle) and it will be sold nationally by Best Buy.

The other major way that cyber criminals can negatively impact businesses is through the theft of confidential business information.

This can include a wide range of things, such as the personal data of employees and/or customers, business strategies, nondisclosure agreements between the company and other companies, confidential legal information about the company, or virtually anything else that, if made public or provided to a competitor, could damage the company’s operations and/or reputation.

Purchasing and installing this new On Star version in a loved one's vehicle may be well worth the price.

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