Coldfusion dating script

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In serious scientific circles, LENR is still a bit of a joke/taboo topic.

The paper is actually somewhat comical in this regard: The researchers really try to work out how the E-Cat produces so much darn energy — and they conclude that fusion is the only answer — but then they reel it all back in by adding: “The reaction speculation above should only be considered as an example of reasoning and not a serious conjecture.”Anyway, now that we’ve got the necessary cynicism/scrutiny out of the way, let’s get down to what everyone’s really interested in: The utterly insane amounts of energy produced by the E-Cat.

In this new age, multibillion-dollar startups like Stripe and Git Hub, alongside tech titans like Microsoft and Google, sell their product straight to software developers, with no middleman — a recognition that as software continues to eat the world, it's programmers who are making and breaking new technologies. It provides the service that lets Uber text you when your car is arriving, and that big financial-services institutions like ING are using to power their massive call centers.

And any success it presently enjoys is because it rode that wave — before Silicon Valley even knew there was even a wave to ride. To explain the tremendous opportunity of selling software straight to developers, Lawson goes back to his college years, circa the mid-1990s.

Cold Fusion is a platform used in fast web application development and was created by JJ Allaire and Jeremy back in 1995.

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