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Feel free to have your child wear his or her backpack and they will receive a tag with scripture on it to keep. Get your questions answered about the history and meaning of how we worship Christ during Holy Communion. Join us Wednesday nights this fall for Keeping Kingdom Time, a special 6-week course.

A Scottish bishop has revealed his “deep distress” at the response after a local Muslim student read Arabic passages from the Qur'an during a service at St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow.

David Chillingworth, the head of the Scottish Episcopal Church and Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, said he was dismayed at the “widespread offence” and condemned the “widespread abuse” the cathedral community had since received.

Islam considers Christ to be a prophet but not the son of God.

The move sparked a backlash from some Christian leaders who deemed it “ill-advised” and “inappropriate”.

The Church is at present made up of approximately 2,500,000 baptized persons. Recognizing, however, that there is always more to the nature of God and His continuous revelation of Himself than can be set forth in any human statements about Him, the Church encourages the pursuit of truth in all areas of life.

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