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Charismatic Combat (Ex): A Dashing Swordsman knows how to use his style as strength, whenever he attacks with a rapier he may use his Charisma modifier for damage rolls instead of his Strength modifiers, furthermore as a free action by spending a style point he may gain his Charisma modifier in addition to his Strength modifier to damage rolls for 1 round.

Impressive Irritation (Ex): A second level Dashing Swordsman knows how to irritate so effectively that the effect remains for an additional round.

Critic Richard Gilman called Hedda Gabler “one of the greatest anti-romantic plays we possess.” Hamilton students star in the production.

There are two matinee performances on Saturday, Nov. Considered scandalous during Ibsen’s time, the play centers on a young woman in an unhappy marriage, her refusal to accommodate herself to her social and personal surroundings, and the ultimate consequences of this refusal.

-The soundtrack -Literally anything Ned said or did. -The cheesy videos Cap had to make for detention and gym class.

-“Yeah he’s kind of a war criminal now, but the video is state required.” -Tony on screen is always a good thing. -DONALD GLOVER - “No thanks, I don’t want to celebrate something built by slaves.” -Marisa Tomei as Aunt May -the diversity was pretty nice -Him naming the suit lady Karen -“Yeah Spider-man! ” -“If you really cared you would actually be here! ” -Ned when he used the web shooter and saved peter.

I was lucky to have them while starting my school years all alone but then it wasn’t actually as I was with aunt, uncle and Yoonhee.

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