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An indictment of combat zone mental health care in the U. military, an August 1, 2012 Bloomberg Business Week story by journalist Elliot Smith suggests the three counselors Sgt. Jones, who roomed with victim Matthew Houseal and survived the shootings by escaping through a window, instead describes a combat stress team that was "competent, well-trained, and empathetic" and a soldier—Sgt.

News feature stories have since appeared supporting—and rebutting—that argument.

Of course, the news, and wondering if she were burning the dead.

Diverse opinions converged through dialogue, and evolved to what was acceptable to all members; thus, the enormous efforts by the Iranian regime to create rifts among the ranks of the PMOI and to overwhelm Ashraf failed.

Foreigners were also astounded at the high morale in Ashraf.

Over 25 years, however, Ashraf was built by its residents into a modern city with a complex of roads and buildings with many educational, social and sports facilities, and it became the PMOI's main enclave in Iraq.

Camp Ashraf, otherwise known as Ashraf City, was named after Ashraf Rajavi, a famous political prisoner at the time of the Shah who was among the last group of political activists released from the Shah’s prisons in 1979.

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