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What would cause an actress to miss the biggest movie premiere of her career?

For newlywed Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, it was a major tennis tournament halfway around the world.

This is the first movie where she’s credited as Bridgette Wilson-Sampras. Justin Chambers married model Keisha Chambers in 1993. Music Notes “In Good Time” by Jessica Sheely, 2001. Quotation Notes Lopez: “[Planning a wedding] is almost like putting on a stage production.” Jennifer Lopez: “I don’t alphabetize anything. In my personal life, I’m the most laid-back person, but when it comes to my work, I’m a total perfectionist.” Director Adam Shankman: “Making this movie…

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Bridgette Wilson-Sampras married Pete Sampras at his Beverly Hills home.

In 2012, Mc Conaughey married his longtime girlfriend, Camila Alves, in front of 100 guests at their home.

For David (O'Connell), the single man's nightmare has just cometrue.

Sarah (Wilson), his girlfriend of five years has just given him THE ultimatum.

Some of Hollywood's brightest and sexiest young actors Jerry O'Connell (Scream 2), Bridgette L.

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