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When the matchmakers at E-180 facilitate brain dating, do they also supply the pick-up lines?

Braindating com

C2 is a conference that brings together commerce and creativity – but this isn't any old conference, it's bursting with disruptive, inspiring and unexpected ideas and people. David Suzuki; Martha Stewart; and the brains behind Air Bn B, Grindr and Cirque du Soleil lift the lid on the future of work, collaboration and media. We may find ourselves dangling from the ceiling, talking to our industry idols or in our own fantasy VR world – who knows?

Five thousand attendees will pack themselves into The Arsenal, Montréal for three days of activities – from talks to masterclasses to experimental brainstorming.

When former teacher Christine Renaud cofounded E-180 with business partner Alexandre Spaeth, she saw herself more as an entrepreneurial educator than a matchmaker.

But now, she’s connected thousands of developers, designers, artists, athletes and other technological and social innovators through what she calls brain dates.

Braindates @ #pcma CL is an innovative platform that helps you find like-minded people to meet one-on-one and share knowledge, in a structured way so you get tangible results from networking.

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