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Kenneth Gentry's book, "Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation", is one of the most enlighting readings I have ever come upon. All evangelicals KNOW that there will be a pretrib rapture, KNOW that drinking alcohol is a sin, and KNOW that Revelation was written AD 95-96. Gentry offers us up a tasty serving of beef from one of these sacred cows. The internal evidence is effectively argued, and is most persuasive.

Sproul's work, "The Last Days According to Jesus", I sought out BJF and read it with an open mind that had already dumped any pre-tribulation view after the Y2K "mess" and had starting thinking more about the nature of the Olivet Discourse. Digging through the pages of history of the early church fathers, citing excellent commentaries from the late 19th and early 20th century, and taking Scripture with the seriousness that any scholar should, Gentry gives overwhelming evidence that Revelation was written prior to A. 70 and also gives us answers into some of the mysteries such as Who is the Beast? If you are into any view that calls for a tribulation of any kind, should you decide to read this book, you will definitely be affected and challenge to make a change of such a view.

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This book goes a long way to prove those assertions and validate the "preterist" interpretation of Revelation.

If there is a flaw in this book, and in preterism, it is the "Replacement Theology" and borderline (if not outright) Anti-Semitic overtures promoted by the preterist interpretation.

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Date The interpretive turn of Revelation depends strongly upon its date, so much so that the date of the book has implications as serious within Christianity as the date of the Gospels has outside of Christianity.

When questions of dating biblical books arise, one must consider two main kinds of evidence: external and internal.

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