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And the people you choose to be intimate with will probably thank you for making their safety a priority." —Nomy Lamm, SINS INVALID (in ) "Learning Good Consent ...

offers powerful, complicated information (instead of shallow questions and uncomplicated answers).

BJ’s Wholesale Club is putting itself up for sale, and Amazon has expressed modest internal interest in the chain, sources tell The Post.

This book speaks to those who are unlearning silence as a safety/communication strategy." —Jen Cross, Writing Ourselves (in "What this book does is to stress consent: not 'no means no,' or even 'yes means yes,' but 'Do you want me to stay here with you? ' 'I thought I wanted this, but I'm not sure now.' 'Do you think we should take this farther?

has proved an embarrassingly timid competitor on the book sales market.

Includes a foreword by Kiyomi Fujikawa and Jenna Peters-Golden.

Praise for : "Whether or not you think you need it, whether or not you're a survivor, or dating a survivor, or even having sex, you would probably benefit from reading this book.

They met through social, religious or political organisations and through family, friends, school, university and work. THE MONKEY RUNBefore the Second World War the Sunday evening walkabout - the "monkey walk", "monkey rack" or "monkey run" - provided an opportunity for young men and women to eye each other up.

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