Blizzard updating character models

by  |  25-Oct-2019 06:56

I've updated the gallery with lots of screenshots of the new male orc, female gnome, male gnome, male dwarf, and quick glimpses of the female dwarf and male tauren!

Of course with big change comes much screaming, as the wise old MMO makers used to say, and this was most certainly evident on Blizzard's blazing hot community forums shortly after the content update went live - and seems to be heating up even more today.

One of the major issues – and one that has been ongoing for some months now – is Blizzard's controversial decision to change the character models, and more importantly, their faces.

In a new post of the official World of Warcraft site, Blizzard say it's working ""We don't have an exact ETA for when you'll see these in-game, but we're happy with the direction of this update with regards to the model and textures," the developer says.

"We're now focusing on model and texture variations, as well as rigging and animating.

Sombra will launch after the release of Overwatch's new Eichenwald map, which contains a Dark Souls secret.

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