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Back to basics was taken up by the British Conservative Party in 1993 as an all-embracing political slogan designed to promote family values. They do not sit in the limelight but they are the men who do the work.'The most usual explanation refers to the diagram of a football pitch divided into numbered squares, printed in Radio Times from 1927 until about 1940 to help listeners follow radio commentaries on matches.

John Major, the Prime Minister, launched this ill-fated phrase, albeit with the best of intentions, in a speech to the Conservative Party Conference in 1993: 'The message from this conference is clear and simple. The Conservative Party will lead the country back to these basics, right across the board: sound money, free trade, traditional teaching, respect for family and the law.' This expression was coined by Lord Beaverbrook, then British Minister for Aircraft Production, in a speech in honour of the 'unsung heroes' of the war effort, made on March 24, 1941: 'To whom must praise be given? The commentator referred to these squares when describing the progress of play, enabling the listener to visualise it more clearly.

Whether you love or loath the world that Smith's invisible hand has created there is no denying the influence of this remarkable text.

(The Aesop of the North) Details such as the parentage of Loki have been the subject of scholarly debate for centuries...

Vanaheim (Home to the Vanir gods), Midgard (Realms of Mankind), Alfheim (Home of the Alfar or Elves sometimes divided into two realms), Helheim (Icy domain of the non-warrior dead ruled by the goddess Hel), Jotunheim (Land of the Jotuns, or Frost Giants), Nifleheim (the cold realm at the base of the World Tree), Nidavellir or Svartalfheim (the land of the Dwarves).

When he went out to battle he rode an eight legged horse named Sleipnir.

His weapon of choice was a magical spear called Gungnir, fashioned by the dwarfs that returns when thrown and always hits its target.

While it may be true that commentators used the phrase 'back to square one', it would not have meant what it now means: soccer is a game of rapid movement and there is little sense of starting again after useless effort.

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