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In the past five years alone, the number of private lawsuits involving multiple employees and their employers has grown by 77 percent, according to data generated for the National Employment Lawyers Association. Wynn Las Vegas' president said Friday that the dealers who filed a lawsuit seeking to end the casino's 3-week-old tip pooling program are welcome at their jobs. But before filing the agreement, they wanted a judge to allow them to keep the details secret for now. It's a lawsuit a federal judge calls "vexing" and compares to a pointillist painting: tens of millions of light cigarette smokers seeking up to $200 billion in damages from tobacco companies. The decision, to put it mildly, has made it clear that the plaintiffs' bar still poses a threat to the industry. It is common for employers to unintentionally violate California's strict employment laws, said plaintiffs' attorney Bruce Anticouni, who filed the lawsuit in Santa Barbara Superior Court. A federal judge granted class-action status to a lawsuit that contends Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat producer, depressed wages by hiring illegal immigrants at eight plants in Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Texas and Virginia. Foster of Chicago, an attorney for Tyson employees, described the ruling as a "very big step." It allows him to seek damages for thousands of workers at the eight plants instead of just the four original plaintiffs. If it's to punish a company monetarily for an alleged misdeed, then the system seems to be working fairly well, considering the hundreds of millions of dollars handed out in settlements each year. Louis ruled yesterday that a jury must hear evidence on whether the Allstate Insurance Company discriminated against older insurance agents when it adopted a plan seven years ago to cut costs and streamline the company's operations. Richard Webber said that lawyers for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had presented strong enough evidence of discrimination that "a reasonable jury could find" that Allstate violated anti-discrimination laws. The money that's riding on the appeal in a class action against Bank of America is almost unfathomable. A class action lawsuit by former Boeing Wichita workers against Boeing Co., Spirit Aero Systems and Onex Corp. The move allows the suit to proceed as a class action. agreed to pay up to $14 million in cash and benefits to settle a pair of class action lawsuits brought by nearly 7,000 current and former employees.

Wynn Las Vegas dealers Daniel Baldonado and Joseph Cesarz are seeking class action status for the lawsuit, in which the dealers say the casino's policy, which calls for tokes earned by dealers to be split with casino supervisors, violates Nevada state law covering tip pooling. Lowe's Home Centers has agreed to settle a long-running class action lawsuit claiming the company underpaid employees. But if the primary purpose of class-action suits is to hold companies accountable for their actions -- and hopefully to learn from their mistakes -- then the system is failing miserably in light of a key aspect of virtually all settlements: No one takes any blame. A Janesville, Wis., woman has started a Web site hoping to drum up interest in filing a class-action lawsuit against Daimler Chrysler for hiring workers under what she feels were false pretenses. According to a recent survey of companies' in-house counsel commissioned by the international law firm Fulbright & Jaworski, people and companies are suing each other more than ever. Consider the stakes: A San Francisco judge awarded $284 million in compensatory damages and restitution to the class represented by The Sturdevant Law Firm and the Brandi Law Firm -- plus statutory damages likely to surpass $1 billion. A 9th Circuit ruling on an overtime case was a deep disappointment -- and a bit of a surprise -- to employment plaintiffs lawyers last week. The workers allege that they were terminated from Boeing or refused employment with Spirit because of their age. Attorneys said the settlement, announced Tuesday, guarantees $3.75 million in cash payments to workers and changes in future pay scales worth an estimated $10.3 million. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. District Court in San Francisco on behalf of three employees who said they were forced to work more than 40 hours per week and on weekends without additional compensation. In what may be one of the largest settlements of a wage-and-hour lawsuit brought by computer professionals, Siebel Systems Inc.

The purpose of this course is to examine the concept of ethics and how it relates to the insurance producer.

It attempts to show how embracing a personal code of business ethics will guide the producer’s activities beyond that which are required (or prohibited) by law toward a higher level of service and success.

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Backdating checks business irs

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