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Many night clubs that offer a Salsa nights include Bachata music in their playlists.

Unfortunately, the bachata is not as widely offered in dance studios as other dance genres but most studios that offer salsa and merengue also offer bachata.

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Bachata dance styles originated in the Dominican Republic in the late 1950’s.

This dance genre is danced as a three step ending in a tap on the 4th beat with Cuban hip motions. Originally, it was similar to a bolero with slow music and mostly closed position.

What started as a small, hushed, rural event is now loud and proud and in the center of town.

But thinking about it now that couldn’t possibly have been the first time I’d heard the dulcet and seductive voice of Romeo Santos – the Saint as his name so nearly claims, batting its eyelids and sharpening its teeth – because he and the genre are completely inescapable if you spend any length of time in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

If these words look strange to you check out the highlights from this year's Grand Canyon Salsa Festival, Flagstaff's best dane party. The grace, skill and professionalism of the show was truly remarkable.

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