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Nice club where there's usually interesting things happening musicwise.

It's located in a very connected area of Palermo where most of the big clubs are.

Up next we have the extreme metallers in Anaal Nathrakh and their unrelenting energy that makes for a complete and loud chaos and stage.

There's a new singer who sings as if she were bored to tears by herself.

It's a real pity because I had expected so much after the two singles and I can't find any logical reasons why they didn't put them on the album.

Put simply, I'm a genuinely nice guy looking for a genuinely nice girl to go out and get to know each other.

Even though none of them wanted to be labeled 'trip hop', at that time five years ago, many new electronic off-mainstream bands had the chance to release music, which without the label and the interest people were taking in that kind off music, they wouldn't have.

Well, I was on my way down to John Dee anyway so I didn't follow up on the choice.

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