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And that is where the fairytale end as both relationships were destined to have very different outcomes.Both Thai women were of a similar age Suttida was twenty nine years of age and her friend Praewa was twenty seven. Suttida worked in a travel agency in Bangkok, Praewa also worked in Thailand's capital city but as a beer girl at a bar in Sukhumvit.

Both Thai women received visas to travel to Australia with their Australian relationship partners and arrived in Perth within six weeks of each other in early 2013.

Both relationships however had very different outcomes.

Charmed: Dilly Evans-Smith, right, approached Sebastian, 30, outside a pub in London with a cheesy chat up line.

He said the move 'made him feel appreciated' but that it took him a few seconds to understand her opener: 'If you were a triangle, you would be acute'The men's reactions varied greatly depending on the chat-up line Dilly used.

The number of spousal visa applications to the Australian government has increased by over 50% in the last decade, many of them Thai brides immigrating to Australia, and has now reached record levels with over 40,000 applications each year.

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