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Alcuni ricercatori vedono in loro le origini dei Catari e poi dell'intero protestantesimo.

Un altro dei personaggi storici della regione è Sarmad Kashani, poeta sufi del XVII secolo che in seguito andò a vivere in India: famoso per aver ridicolizzato le maggiori fedi religiose del suo tempo, ma anche per aver scritto molti versi in forma di Ruba'i (stile poetico persiano in quartine).

J.: Gomidas Institute Books, 2004) and survivor accounts, such as those presented in Survivors, one cannot help but be struck by the utter pervasiveness of the rape of girls and women and of their abduction or coercion into sexual or domestic slavery.

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"In 2002, the World Health Organization, based on 48 surveys, concluded that a minimum of 10 percent and possibly as many as 69 percent of Armenian women have been “physically assaulted by an intimate male partner at least once in their lives.” *** If one were to read through the scholarship and the media articles written on the Armenian Genocide in recent decades, one might not notice a glaring omission.

With the exception of very few books and articles, most notably Donald and Linda Touryan Miller’s (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 1993), there is almost no sustained discussion or analysis of the extensive and profound occurrence of violence against women and girls in the genocide.

What ensued were adventures at Armenian flea markets, a popular soap opera, a rowdy Earlier this week, the late-night host and Movsesian talked with friend of Vulture John Horn, host of the KPCC radio show and podcast “The Frame,” about their trip of a lifetime, their unique boss-assistant dynamic, and meeting Syrian refugees.

: The last time we talked, you were about to air your episode on your trip to Cuba.

Given the ARF’s proposal of a new “roadmap to regime change” focused on long-term, strategic thinking about the important challenges facing the Armenian Republic and diaspora today, publishing this piece seems particularly timely.

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