greek orthodox christian dating - Arkansas intimidating a witness jail time

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110–177, § 205(1)(C), substituted “20 years” for “10 years”.

If a state’s terroristic threat penal code only punished for the speech, then it could be subject to constitutional challenge.

It is because of these challenges that states have expanded their terroristic threat statutes to include an additional component with the offending speech.

Whenever a party has the right or is required to take some action within a prescribed period after service of a notice or other paper and such service is allowed and made by mail, five (5) days shall be added to the prescribed period.

All prosecutions for violations of the criminal laws of this state shall be in the name of the State of Arkansas, provided that this rule shall in no way affect the distribution, as provided by law, of moneys collected by district courts.

Continually absent from state or has no reasonably ascertainable home or work within the state, max. when a prosecution against the accused for the same conduct is pending in this state.

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