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She was featured in Lee Jung Hyun's music video for "Crazy", which was released in Korea in May 2009 and was choreographed by Brian Friedman.

As for former Comfort-Voters, I'm guessing that Twitch and Joshua may get some of these votes, because they are also Popper Hip Hoppers. Are my eyes going badonkers, or do I see Cat Deeley wearing shoes with Star Trek Tribbles attached to the back. I'm seriously repeating myself at this point: Joshua's body-quaking is fabulous, but I've seen him do it about a five million times now—(yawning here) I'm sleepy. But this is what she had to do, because last week she was in the Bottom Two. Chelsie has discovered a great vote-getting formula: WEAR A SMOKIN' HOT OUTFIT, add a few sexy, gyrating hip twists, a sensual body ripple or two, and a sassy flip of her long blonde hair, plus a sultry face that says: "I'm gonna to eat you for dinner! I need to do a Content Analysis (here's a more detail definition of Content Analysis) that is sure to show BIAS for the favored son, Twitch.

Left to right in the photo below are: Joshua Allen, Chelsie Hightower, Mark Kanemura, Katee Shean, Stephen "Twitch" Boss, and Courtney Galiano. Cat's fashion coordinators must have stayed up all night figuring out that shoe embellishment! Despite my low solo rank, I anticipate piles of people will vote for Joshua, and the Final Four is where he will land. Still, if anyone is a LOCK for the Final Four, Katee is just that. Mark usually surprizes us with a bunch of fun, unexpected moves. " Top all that off with the "Chinese Splits" at the end. Does anyone believe that the "dances are pulled out of a Hat"?

It's almost time: "So You Think You Can Dance" starts its 14th season on June 12th!

And while every season has its twists—whether they involve the overall format or the people sitting at the judges' table—you can always count on the hit show for exceptional dancing.

Five years of silence might not be a big deal for a woman in her twenties.

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