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1, intitulée "Effets de l'emploi d'armes et de munitions contenant de l'uranium appauvri ", adoptée le 5 décembre 2007 (note verbale ODA/11-2008/A&ADU, datée du 15 février 2008); Resolution 62/30, para.1, entitled "Effects of the use of armaments and ammunitions containing depleted uranium ", adopted on 5 December 2007 (note verbale ODA/11-2008/A&ADU dated 15 February 2008); Instead, Gaven became (at the time, since passed by Freddy Adu) the youngest player to sign with MLS when, at the age of 16 years and two months, he joined the league after having spent two years training with other young Americans at the USSF's Bradenton Academy. "They know him at all the arcades," added Eskandarian (who named Dragonfly, among other Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan haunts).

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The 25 year old singer teased her fans with a video of her performing as a little girl, while she reflects in voice-over about what music means to her.

Everyone at last week's Greater Washington Sports Alliance party in Potomac was buzzing about the slender kid with the diamond-chip earring schmoozing so easily with the suits. The auction, which ended Wednesday night, raised $15,752 for the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries, with proceeds going to Gulf Coast schools. Dennis Hastert became the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House yesterday, passing Joe Cannon -- also from Illinois -- who served in the job from November 1903 to March 1911. Any such career concerns now that she wed rap superstar Nas ?

She lives in Massachusetts but they see each other every few weeks, he said. When you don't enjoy yourself, it takes a lot out of it." The birthday boy will dine out with a group of about 15 friends. An e Bay auction of 115 outfits worn by first ladies, senators and Senate wives was moderately successful. Ohh-kay.) Might be why we were so dazed by the R&B chanteuse's appearance: She looked nothing like the bubble-wigged hoochie who writhed through the naughty, hypnotic "Milkshake" video.

Oh, and he's been dating another child star, 15-year-old singer/actress Jo Jo , for about a year, since they met on the set of an MTV show.

Taking shots like this before hitting puberty will do that to you.

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