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The synopsis of the teaser is as follows: "Michelle Mc Cool is trying something different with Michelle Mc Cool. For years, she's answered questions, written blogs, and has even tweeted back-and-forth on occasion with her Faithful Followers.

This time, she's going to change it up -- she's going to vlog.

Although things were going well in the initial period, things started falling apart later. Currently, he is married to a wrestler, Michelle Mc Cool. Michelle gave birth to Undertaker’s child on August 29, 2012. Additionally, He has won WWE Championship title for four times and title of World Heavyweight Championship for three times.

They have two daughters together named, Chasey and Gracie. Texas-born The Undertaker was born as Mark William Calaway on March 24, 1965. He was famous for keeping the winning streak in Wrestle Mania until Brock Lesnar defeated him.

He ventured into wrestling in 1984 and over the next few years adopted a variety of gimmicks and ring names in order to create a successful image for himself.

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