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by  |  16-Dec-2019 20:00

My guy doesn't mind having fights, loudly, in public, in English, but I do.

Now that I'm the stay-at-home type mostly, he's stuck paying for everything.

One of the funniest moments of our pre-relationship (we worked together, both nursing crushes for 6 months before I made the first move) was when we were talking about Bones and he mentioned that some Japanese men find Caucasian women very attractive. This is why it took 6 months to get things started. I'll jump in here as a man, if I may, although my situation is the opposite way round.

:) I received a message from Gio on Italiano Singles the day I signed up!

At first, I was hesitant to write back, but boy am I glad I did! We have been together now for over a year and we are both so happy to know each other. Thank you so much Italiano Singles for making our dreams come true!!!

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