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Women usually feel more threatened by the emotional betrayal of a partner’s online affair, while men are more concerned about physical encounters, Hertlein says, but the gender differences are lessening.

“That is starting to even out in part because of the equality of opportunity that the Internet brings to everybody,” she says.

Ask yourself: Am I doing things or talking about things with this person that I don't do or talk about with my spouse?

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Those who are “married but unfaithful” are too often eager to engage in an affair but so bad at it that they make mistakes when they start being absent and discreet.

The desire to have a married affair and rediscover passion in someone’s life can easily overwhelm a person and make him negligent.

If there is no physical contact or actual sex, is it still an affair?

“It’s not just that you’re communicating with someone online but that there is a sexual or emotional nature,” says Katherine Hertlein, Ph D, an associate professor at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas who studies online affairs.

who have married encounters or are planning to engage extramarital encounters.

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