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In addition to reviving the 300-seat screen, the building will boast a few new coming attractions: a restaurant, a bookstore and a second screen.

Here's what it will look like, and here's what it could mean for Omaha. 15, 2017 A century removed from its first official contest, Creighton is among the most viable — and visible — programs in the rugged, basketball-fueled Big East.

A heaviness that I would return for again and again. (Postcard origin unknown.) It seemed like an odd fit, right in the middle of the breathtaking Gold Coast but there was the screeching Trave Lodge.

It always felt a tad sad to me, which I much embraced. The sordid details of uncertain upkeep costs and the size of the house itself escaped me as I stood there taking it all in like a stalker. When I was a wee child, I was enamored with the logo of the little Travelodge bear, sleep walking in his sleeping cap and night shirt. I never would have known that a good deal of my 1990s life would be spent avoiding the Scary Larry Inhabitants of the Travel Inn (its later name) at 39th and Dodge.

Sunday, April 23, 2017 For years Ashleigh Buch hid the fact that she was transgender.

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