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Several other key Philadelphia events during the Revolution include the First and Second Continental Congress, the preservation of the Liberty Bell, the Battle of Germantown, the Siege of Fort Mifflin, and the Philadelphia Convention. The majority of European immigrants have come from Ireland, Italy and Germany—the three largest reported ancestry groups in the city as of 2015 The city became a prime destination for African Americans during the Great Migration of the 20th century, as well as Puerto Ricans, surpassing two million occupants by 1950.

In 1914, as ‘Harry Crawford’, Falleni had married the widow Annie Birkett.

Three years later, shortly after she announced to a relative that she had found out ‘something amazing about Harry’, Birkett disappeared.

Winter had struck a deal with the Los Angeles County District’s Attorney’s Office.

In exchange for his plea, he got less than six years in state prison when he was sentenced on June 7, 2011. She left her home to keep an appointment in Witham, Essex, UK.

The Sifter recently stumbled upon an incredible collection of vintage mugshots housed by the Historic Houses Trust. The caption describes him as: The images themselves are of excellent quality, beautifully composed and in many cases, quite artistic.

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