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But then there's the episode where Lisa talks to the Brazillian boy who says something like "I couldn't write to you because I don't know your state" and Lisa replies "Sure you do. id guess they live in CT That's been my guess for quite sometime now, because I know they don't live that far away New York, or at least it is implied... There's for example the episode where Moe decides to take all his regulars for a part trip to Las Vegas but Homer can't come along because he first has to drop off Bart on a boys camp for disobedients, then he's going to drive and catch up with Moe and the rest. Plopwells episode where they said the grand prize was a trip to Hawaii... I cant recall any other time Connecticut was mentioned... Springfield Missouri is in the south west corner of Missouri and its not too far from Branson Missouri where Grandpa Simpson take Bart to find Zelda the stone cold hoochie.You just have to look for all the clues" There's an episode where fat tony is travelling on I-95.. Also, I think if you follow the clues, you need to find a state with the death penalty. That certainly implies they must live near Nevada too, no? i just started reading all of the info on this page becuz i myself am wondering where they live but and when i saw the info about the 636 area code i was sure you had it but when i researched it theres a problem i noticed that area code was changed from 314 to 636 on may 1999 and the show has ran way longer than 99 so basicly im confused I have a Quetion for you all, I live in the Sate of Queensland thats in Australia for any of you who didnt know that, i live near a springield but thats not the one thier in, however, there is that episode where springfeild split into 2 area codes, would that be to thow us all out? Convincing posts narrow it down to Orgegon, Missouri, and Connecticut in my opinion.I'm from Canada and I really don't know many of the states all that well in all honesty. He was dropping bart off in Oregon only after bart wasnt able to board the airplane... Can someone tell me if there are snow-crested mountains in Missouri or Connecticut?

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Yahoo thinks the answer is yes because of new features such as the ability to unsend messages.

(Drunk texts, ahem.) The product launch could also be one of the most awkwardly timed in recent memory, though.

The Sunnyvale, California, company released a revamped version of the chat service's app on Thursday.

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