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Private adoption agencies often focus on infant adoptions, while public adoption agencies typically help find homes for waiting children, many of them presently in foster care and in need of a permanent loving home.The 2000 census was the first census in which adoption statistics were collected. The United States foster care system enables adults to care for minor children who are not able to live with their biological parents. Whether it’s a woman learning she has two half sisters or finding a match that helps break down a brick wall, the potential of DNA as a genealogical tool cannot be overstated.

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Because of changes in adoption over the last few decades – changes that include open adoption, gay adoption, international adoptions and trans-racial (racial transformation) adoptions, and a focus on moving children out of the foster care system into adoptive families – the impact of adoption on the basic unit of society and the family, has been enormous.

Adoption is often thought of as a beautiful process.

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