Actionscript updating dynamic text bolivia dating com

by  |  27-Dec-2019 17:12

If you have completed the AS2 tutorial all the code below should look familiar to you. Select the Text tool (T) with dynamic text and create a small rectangle shape on the stage like below.

actionscript updating dynamic text-6

After looking around for a tutorial or another persons help and not finding a thing for Actionscript 3, I decided to write my own.

I am using Tweenlite to handle the tweens because its really low on weight and its a very smooth and powerful tweening engine.

Control-Click(Mac) or right-click(PC) and choose actions to bring up the actions panel. You wont need to add any Action Script2 to the buttons.

On this layer add two text fields, one with the word Name in it, the other with about. It should look something like this: Click on your newly made button. Some of this stuff is looking very familiar about now!!

I’m currently working on a project that has a design featuring white text over a black background.

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