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Oral sex, like other methods of sex, carries with it the risk of serious, untreatable and even life-threatening diseases in both men and women. In pregnant women, STD’s can lead to miscarriage, stillbirths, preterm delivery and birth defects… As a teenager, there are a few things the media isn’t telling you when it comes to your sexuality and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

The United States has an epidemic of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). Here are some facts about the truth behind these topics.

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Recent changes in our culture have made it important for you to know the facts regarding oral sex. More scientific surveys have studied oral sex and even more surveys are being conducted with strong indications that oral sex is on the rise, especially among middle school and high school aged children.

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But the development of the numerous individual traditions, passed down orally, remains unclear.

She told me she heard girl scream like that in porn movies, but never in real life.

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