Dirty online cams - 7 secrets of healthy dating relationships

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So compliment your girlfriend on her new shoes, or your boyfriend on his new blue shirt. Dial her office for a quick “thinking of you” check-in.

Be sure these compliments and thank-you’s are heartfelt and specific, and make eye contact when you smile.

And there are times when even the happiest couples look just like unhappy couples!

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Creating a loving and lasting partnership clearly isn't easy.

Most people enter marriage fully expecting to share a life together, but in reality, 40-50 percent of those marriages are predicted to end in divorce.

What myths about love are leading us astray and what do you have to do to have a loving relationship that stands the test of time? We’re going to see what the research says makes real relationships last so you can get as close to the fairy tale as possible. Time to find out the answer to that often-ignored second question…You want to find the perfect person. Meanwhile, a 2010 study of twenty-three thousand married couples found that the similarity of spouses accounted for less than 0.5 percent of spousal satisfaction.

I called somebody who looked at the research and has some answers…Jonah Lehrer is the author of Imagine and How We Decide. A lot of what you’re about to read is very unsexy and very unromantic. In short, what we think we want in a spouse—someone who is just like us and likes all the same things—and what we want in real life are fundamentally mismatched.

He found that trust is related to the release of oxytocin, which is the feel good, “bonding” hormone.

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